Planes, trains, and automobiles

July 11, 2009

Today was a lovey day spent frolicking through many different parts of Tokyo. We started off by taking the famous bullet train to visit Akihabara. The bullet train is (shocking!) shaped like a bullet, and travels very, very fast… it gets you anywhere in about half the time. The seats were amazing, and I felt like I was in a first class establishment… I highly recommend it. Akihabara was very interesting and was definitely sensory overload – Akihabara is the electronics district of Tokyo – and a place that my father (and possibly brother) would consider heaven. There were rows and rows of vendors selling all sorts of neatly organized chips, wires, and things that I had no earthly clue about. One of the most exciting parts of our Akihabara trip was the kebab (some cultures call it a gyro) stand right at the start of the city. We had a fabulous street-lunch there which gave us fuel for exploring the city.

Once we conquered all things electronic, we moved on to play aboard a river-cruise ship – which is commonly used by locals as a convenient one way transportation from the Hinode Pier to Asakusa, (sort of like TheBoat in Hawaii), but is also becoming a popular tourist attraction due to the pretty scenery and the affordableness of the ride. It was actually beautiful and was a nice opportunity to sit down and enjoy a cold Japanese beer after an afternoon of wandering the city. We landed in Asakusa, which turned out to be a fun little town chock full of fresh mochi, shrines, a few temples, and lots of street vendors. There were so many people that I got separated from my hosts a few times – but luckily for us all, I am very easy to pick out of a Japanese crowd. See for yourself, and play “where’s kate” in the picture below!

We ended the evening with some spicy and delicious Indian curry and naan from a hole in the wall shop, and caught a glimpse of some fireworks yet again. America must be calling me home… which is coming all too soon. As my father so kindly says, “Vacation almost all gone….”


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