Bagels and Buddha

July 12, 2009

Today I had the best New York style bagel I’ve ever had in my life. In Japan. Ironic? Yes. Delicious? Indeed! I didn’t think that anything could top my bagel experience this morning. In fact, the bagels were so yummy that we each had two. The kind bagel shop worker must have thought we were crazy, speaking our broken Japanese and going back for more… but then, Joey, Jennie, and I went to visit Kamakura and the 2nd largest Buddha in Japan which was quite amazing. It charged admission, which I found interesting and wondered if it was a bit insulting to any Buddhists coming to visit… AND it also sold Buddha shaped edible souvenirs. I considered purchasing some but then thought better of it. The Buddha is massive – it’s 13.35 meters and you can even go inside (though we did not, we were there too late). The eye of Buddha is about as big as Jennie.We had an unfortunate event on the way home… Jennie got stuck on a train while Joey and I made it out! I tried to pry the doors back with my super strong bare hands, but the train won and I was pushed back into the crowd, while staring horrified at Jennie, wondering if she would make it back alive! Alas, Jennie is a Japanese genius and joined us at the very next stop. I realized how lucky it was that we did not get seperated this past week, though I am easy to pick out of a crowd so Jennie would have the upper hand.

While Joey and I were separated from Jennie, people must have been worried about the two white people on the train alone – and several kind Japanese people tried to speak English to us, asking us if we were ok. We realized how helpful it is to have a local-looking expert with us at all times.

Speaking of cousin Jennie, we had another amazing adventure today that she really tells best – read all about it here….

In other news, we also ate amazing sushi this evening, and enjoyed some sake for my ‘last supper’… I am very sad to leave this country tomorrow but also am looking forward to having 2 Mondays (I leave Monday night Japan time and arrive in Honolulu Monday morning local time… I’m a time traveller!), as well as hearing English on a regular basis again. It’s funny how much I took for granted and I wonder if I’ll have a new appreciation for the US after being away for a bit. It’s been fun sharing my vacation stories with you all and hope you’ll come again…Arigatou gozaimas for coming along for the (virtual) ride!


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